Three Ponds Holman Tawny 2015

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Made from Chambourcin from our Broke Vineyard. Notes of luscious raspberries and ripe cherry with hints of liquorice. Delicious full fortified flavour with a smooth finish.

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Vineyard Three Ponds Vineyard, Broke
Winemaker Michael McManus

Tawny versus table wine

The base red wine is made as per other red wine. In this instance we utilised chambourcin, a hybrid grape known for its deep colour and high alcohol. When the winemaker is happy with the flavour and residual sugar content of the fermenting wine, alcohol spirit is added to stop the ferment and make the tawny more alcoholic. The tawny is then matured in barrels for a few year, introducing some oxidation and allowing some evaporation. Over this time, the wine takes on a brown colour, hence the name tawny. Tawnies can be enjoyed on their own, with desserts, with cheese or can even accompany main meals.

Dark chocolate
Cheese board
— Cheese boards. Dark chocolate.
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