Monkey Place Creek

Over 40 years ago, in 1970, Neil Grosser planted a vineyard on the sandy loam river flats of Monkey Place Creek, in the village of Broke, in the lower Hunter Valley. This vineyard came to be known as Mount Eyre, and as Mount Eyre has expanded, the vineyard is now known as the Mount Eyre Three Ponds Vineyard. Along with his son David, Neil still carefully manages today!

The name Monkey Place Creek comes from early colonial times, when Australia was not even yet called Australia! The Governor had ordered a road be built between Sydney and Newcastle, and this road was to be built by convict road gangs. Legend has it that around the site of our vineyard, the convicts witnessed some koalas, which they had obviously not come across in Britain. Not knowing what these creatures were, their best guess was monkeys, hence the name Monkey Place Creek.

The Monkey Place Creek wines are the latest range of wines to be launched by Mount Eyre Vineyards. The range is designed to be modern, fruity and flavoursome, as well as excellent value for money. The Monkey Place Creek range includes both table wines and sparkling wines.